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Catch Training Sydney Offers a Fun and Interesting RCG Course

 Catch Training Sydney Offers a Fun and Interesting RCG Course

The RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling) course, given by Catch Training Sydney, qualifies those who work, or want to work, for a business licensed to keep and operate gaming machines. In a safe, fair and supportive classroom environment, Catch Training Sydney students gain the knowledge and awareness required to work responsibly for companies that offer gambling services — RGS (Responsible Gambling Services).RCG certification is required to do any of the following:

• Be a staff member whose duty includes any activity involving gaming machines on the premises. This may also include staff who patrol or serve in the gaming machine area, or staff who are involved in paying out winnings to patrons.
• Be a secretary of a registered club
• Be a licensee of a full hotel

Catch Training Sydney is one of the leading providers of RCG certification, as well as other high-quality workplace skills training. The instructors are dedicated and qualified, possessing current certifications and significant experience in their areas of expertise. They regularly participate in professional development activities in order to stay current on the latest trends and requirements.

The RCG course Sydney by is course is reasonably priced and is completed in one day. There are no prerequisites for taking the Catch Training Sydney RCG course. However, a person must be 18 years of age to work in a licensed gaming venue in NSW. Therefore, a photo ID must be provided at time of enrollment.

Catch Training Sydney participants can be assured of being treated fairly and equally. Classes are free from discrimination and harassment of all kinds. Students’ privacy is always taken very seriously. Every student is treated with honesty and respect and the same is expected from each student. 

Set in a modern training environment, enthusiastic instructors provide a fun course in a welcoming atmosphere. Instructors are dedicated to making the RCG course lively and interesting. If students at Catch Training Sydney are not having fun, they’re simply not paying attention!

The Catch Training Sydney class location is convenient to public transportation and a number of cafes and take away restaurants.

catch rcg course sydney

Included are instructions on how to minimize harm within a gaming environment. It equips the student to detect problems relating to gambling. Catch Training Sydney instructors teach proper communication and management of patrons using gaming machines, as well as how to provide great customer service. Students also learn the laws that prohibit minors — anyone under the age of 18 — from using gaming machines. 

Throughout the Catch Training Sydney RCG course, students have the support they need from the Trainer Assessor. Trainers are available during class hours but also provide worksite visits in addition to email and phone support. 

Catch Training Sydney students take this course to invest in themselves and their futures. They meet other people working in this field and receive job placement and promotion tips. 

Catch the wave of a new work experience with Catch Training Sydney’s highly enjoyable RCG course.