Instructions for Authors

The deadline for submission is: January 1, 2013.

All submissions should include the name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliations (if any), and both postal and e-mail addresses at which the corresponding author may be reached. General questions should be addressed to Co-Editors-In-Chief, Akhil Mathew and Caitlin Stanton.


The Harvard College Mathematics Review invites the submission of quality expository articles from undergraduate students. Articles may highlight any topic in undergraduate mathematics or in related fields, including computer science, physics, applied mathematics, mathematical economics, and statistics.

Authors may submit articles electronically, in .pdf, .ps, or .dvi format, to Editorial Staff email, or in hard copy to

The Harvard College Mathematics Review
Student Organization Center at Hilles
Box # 360
59 Shepard Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Submissions should include an abstract and reference list. Figures, if used, must be of publication quality. If a paper is accepted, high-resolution scans of hand drawn figures and/or scalable digital images (in a format such as .eps or .pdf) will be required.


The HCMR welcomes the submission of original problems in any field of mathematics, as well as solutions to previously proposed problems.

Proposers should submit problems to Problems Editor Allen Yuan at Problems Editor email. A complete solution or a detailed sketch of the solution should be included, if known. The deadline for problem submissions to be considered for Volume 5 is December 2, 2012.

Solutions to previous problems should be sent to Solutions email or to the address above. Solutions should include the problem reference number. All correct solutions will be acknowledged in future issues. The most outstanding solutions received will be published. Solutions to the current problems should be received no later than December 2, 2012.